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This will not work. There is some kind of issue such as no local storage in your browser or JavaScript being disabled.

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This page is stored offline once you load it. Refreshing the page will refresh the button with the last cached flight plan as well as downloading the latest version of this page if you are online.

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This is meant to accommodate the iPads. If you are on a PC, you are better off saving the html file or opening it directly from the e-mail.

Make sure that you bookmark or add this page to your homescreen so that you can get to it while you are offline. Instructions on adding this to your homescreen are at the bottom of the page.

When a flight plan is opened directly after converting it from my site, it saves itself into the storage section in this browser as long as caching is activated. If you are into such things, the technology behind this is html 5 local storage. This page will allow you to open the last previously cached flight plan from the browser's storage, even if you are offline. The point is to be able to recover a flight plan if you accidentally close it.

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This will only work if the sites match. For example: If you went to to translate the flight plan and then you went to for this page, it would not work. The domains need to match. Thus, make sure that you use and bookmark: to translate for this page.

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You can bookmark this page. However, I suggest you add an icon to your home screen. Note that this also works well with the PBS Web App:


If you are online, click on the refresh button in the URL window.

Major Updates:

2021/01/21 Adjusted to Chrome depricating cache status.
2018/07/13 Tweaked to recheck cache status multiple times.
2018/07/11 Major redesign to fix several issues.
2018/04/14 Initial release.