Fuel Calculations


Use this with caution and double check your results. This is even more important considereing that this is the initial version.

version 1.0 5/8/2020 1515

Minimum Waypoint Fuel

Waypoint Fuellbs
Fuel at destinationlbs
  Waypoint to destination fuellbs
Destination to alternate fuellbs
Desired landing fuellbs
Min waypoint fuellbs

Fuel flow given fuel and time

Example: Find the fuel flow from reserve fuel and time.
Reserve fuel lbs on flight planlbs
Reserve time on flight planhmm
Reserve Fuel Flowlbs/hr

Time given fuel and flow

Fuel Flowlbs/hr
UTC now + time

Fuel given time and flow

Fuel Flowlbs/hr

Fuel given GS, FF, and Distance

Fuel Flowlbs/hr
Fuel per distancelbs/nm
Dist per Fuelnm/lb
Fuel to fly distancelbs

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I don't know if these are helpful, so I wanted to share my thoughts and get your input.

There are times when I have to do calculations for fuel contingencies. Depending on what I am looking for, there are a variety of techniques using the flight plan and FMS. However, sometimes I also have to do some basic calculations. Worst case, I grab some scrap paper, use some dimensional analysis, and add a reasonability cross check.

These are not difficult problems, but sometimes it takes a bit of thinking to determine whether I should multiply by something like the fuel flow or divide instead.  It occured to me that perhaps it might be useful to write a couple of calculators to cover some of the more common needs.

Let me know if you think these are obvious and unnecessary or handy.

Thanks. thejohnbell@gmail.com