Copy and Paste Tricks

Copy the flight plan text

iOS 11.x

Tap and then tap and hold on the map icon shown below. The speed should be about the same as a double tap, but you do not release your finger for a second or two on the second tap. This should highlight the whole page and give you the option to copy at the top.

iOS 12.x

Ideally, you would select the upper left corner and a little text. However, I find that it is easiest to just tap on a word and drag the beginning selectction handle to the upper left corner of the text box. To jump to the end of the text without having to scroll all the way down, drag the end selection handle a little down and to the right, outside the text box and into the margin.

You will notice that there are stange multiple overlapping selections. As long as you get the "copy" option, you should be good to copy the selection.


  1. Select somewhere within the flight plan text.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A or the options Edit -> Select All
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-C or the option Edit -> Copy

Paste the flight plan


When you paste the flight plan into the box on this page, there are two steps. You will usually need to tap the box to select it. This should give you a flashing prompt to insert text. You will then need to a second tap to get the Paste option. I do not know how far apart the taps need to be in order for iOS to recognize the taps as two seperate taps instead of a double tap, but it doesn't have to be long. I find about a second between taps is fine.


Select within the text box in the form and use Ctrl-V or Edit -> Paste. Think of "V" as a down arrow as opposed to the letter v.