JavaScript calculator demonstration

Over the last several years, I have created several JavaScript calculators that are written in html with embedded JavaScript. Think of these as being dynamic documents. These documents can be loaded just like any other document without the need to install them like a dedicated app. Additionally, these can be developed by any web developer with JavaScript knowledge without needing to know how to develope iOS apps.

You can look at the files by going directly to That page will work offline as long as you bookmark it. If you are interesed in seeing how these files would work in a document library like Conent Locker continue on. This page will allow you to send the files as e-mail attachments to your iPad and you can then load the files into Content Locker. Keep in mind that the hassle to load these files into Content Locker is just to set up the demo. If the concept were to be adopted, the files would load just like any other document in Content Locker except that they would by dynamic.

Enter your e-mail address. If you don't know it, use your 6 digit employee The files and instructions will be e-mailed to your Delta e-mail on your iPad.