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ETP Extraction for Jepp FD in iOS:


Jepp FD in iOS does not currently support ETP information. This page helps you to create an ETP by creating a user point in Jepp FD for iOS. It takes the ETP information which is spread across several lines of the flight plan and puts it into one line.

  1. Copy the whole ETP section from the plain text version or html version of the flight plan into the box. Do not use the .pdf.
  2. Clicking the button will open a new page with each ETP on its own line. Copy the line from an ETP point which includes the label, lat, and lon.
  3. Create a user point in Jepp FD by tapping anywhere on the map.
  4. Paste the copied line into the label portion for the user point dialog in Jepp FD.
  5. Now that you have pasted the whole line, cut from the lattitude to the end and paste into the latitude.
  6. Similar to the previous step, cut from longitude to the end and paste it into the longitude box.
  7. Select "Done"

This may seem to be a little clumsy -- it is. However, you might find it easier than trying to manually enter the points. I have a video on how this is done here: YouTube video.


I really do not offer any support. However, if you have any comments or problems, look me up in iCrew. John Bell

updated: 2/22/2018