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Flight Attendant Rotation reformatting

The pilot version is available at johnfbell.com.

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Use am/pm times for civilian translation

Civilian translation location of base times:

Basic Instructions

Copy the iCrew pairing into the above box and click the button.

More Detailed Instructions

This allows you to "clean up" the rotation to just show each leg, layover, and the departure and arrival times in a local time zone. Copy and paste the iCrew rotation including the line containing "EFFECTIVE" into the box above and click on the button.

It will ask that you verify the date of the first leg. Change it if necessary. The other thing is that it will ask you how many time zones you are from the base. Let's say that you want the local times for DFW and this is a NYC trip, you would use 2W. Let's say that you want to send this to someone in PHX and the trip starts in LAX. You would use 1E.

Cybersecurity info:

This does not send any data over the internet. All functionality is within the browser using JavaScript. Thus, you can examine the code yourself. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am a pilot and you can look me up in the company directory.

John Bell


I really do not offer any support. However, if you have any comments or problems, look me up in the company directory. I also have a link to my e-mail when you generate a pairing.

John Bell

updated: 3/1/2020 2245