Add a NOTAMS toc to the flight plan

This version strips out most of the functionality of my main translation to create a basic version of the flight plan with a table of contents for the NOTAM section. The idea is to create something that can offer the NOTAMS table of contents that can be printed at the gate. While this will work on the dot-matrix gate printers, there are still some spacing issues that I am trying to resolve.

If you have WiFi and are using your Surface, I would recomment my much more thorough translation:

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This is not approved or endorsed by Delta Air Lines or ALPA, nor are they involved in its creation. This is my own pet project. Double check the translation and consider this is all advisory in nature. This is especially true for the TP's. While I hope that I catch them all, there is a good chance that I failed to parse one or the parsing has drawn it somewhere far, far, away.

Step 1: Enter the flight plan

Copy and paste the flight plan from iCrew/eCrew into the text box below. The easiest way to is to select all of the text and then paste all of the text.

iCrew (ctrl-click to open in new tab, ctrl-A to select all, ctrl-C to copy, ctrl-V to paste)

Step 2: Make it go

Run the translation by clicking the button below:

note: This should take about 60 seconds, but may take up to 90 seconds. I have the cheap hosting plan. If you get an error, you may have to refresh and hit the button again.


My ability to execute any suggestions is probably limited by my abilities, but I would very much enjoy your feedback.

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