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Trip leg extraction for SWA trips:


This allows you to extract the legs from a SWA trip for pasting into the FFDO website. Copy the trip from your crew interface and Paste the text into the above box and hit the button. The legs will extract into a new tab. You can then paste the legs into the FFDO website. If you fly over New Years, you will have to manually edit the year when you paste it.

This is all done with JavaScript and nothing is sent over the internet. You could copy the text, disconnect from the internet, and do the extract offline. Obviously, you will need to be online to get the trip from your crew system and to log into the FFDO website. However, nothing goes over the internet when you use this page. It is all done internally.

Support is limited because I fly for another airline and I am not even an FFDO, but feel free to drop me a line at thejohnbell insert at sign here gmail.com.

Copyright info:

The code is a quick and dirty adaptation of something that I had done for my airline's trip format. You are welcome to use any portion or all of my code.


Be kind to any Delta pilots trying to catch a ride! You can also send a beverage or two worth of $ to University of Central Florida Rocket League GoFundMe page. Make sure that you mention that you are doing it from my site in the comments so that my son, James, can get a little "street cred."

updated: 3/4/2018