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Rotation reformatting and leg extraction:

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This allows you to reformat the rotation for better printing and extract the legs. This is all done externally in your browser using JavaScript and no data is transmitted over the internet.

Paste the rotation in the text box above. This will not work with archived iCrew rotations, but should work with rotations extracted from the html flight plan, rotations displayed by using the link at the bottom of your schedule, or use Preflight -> Rotation.

Do not worry about selecting the whole page in iCrew. The script should clear out the extraneous junk. However, if you have duplicate pairings showing in iCrew or the html flight plan, select starting at the line with "EFFECTIVE".

Each button will open into a new page.

The civilian version eliminates most of the "junk" so that you can e-mail it to your family or post into a calendar.

The idea of the printable version was to create a cleaner version so that you could print the pairing in the lounge and keep it in your pocket. This was created before MiCrew.

Extract legs is meant to extract the legs to paste it into the FFDO site. iCrew now has a similar function under Pre-Flight -> Security Info.

AeroWeatherPro creates a link to open a group of the airports in the rotation in AeroWeatherPro.

Aviationweather.gov link takes data from Aviationweather.gov similarly to the function of AeroWeatherPro.

Remember to close all of the tabs when you are finished.


I really do not offer any support. However, if you have any comments or problems, look me up in iCrew. John Bell

updated: 2/23/2020 1826